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My name is Jeannine Sherman. My husband Scott and I have owned and operated PGA Pet Pals, Inc. since 2002. We purchased the business from the previous owner who started the business on her kitchen table in her house in PGA National in 1994. We bought the business and expanded it to service Palm Beach Gardens and Abacoa and the immediate surrounding areas.

We have been avid animal lovers our whole lives. We have owned a number of dogs and various pets over our lifetimes, including but not limited to cats, ferrets, rabbits, gerbils, hamsters, fish and even a snake. We currently live with our puppy labmaraner, Shadow and our son in Abacoa. Many of our own pets have been home bodies and really would have not done well in a kennel situation or away from home.

All of our pet sitters are huge animal lovers and will treat your pets like they are actually their own. They all have owned numerous pets in their lifetimes and just love spending time with animals and taking care of them. We all enjoy spending quality time with fuzzy faces be it walking them, cuddling on the couch or playing with them. We understand that they are most comfortable and happy in their own homes. We know that they miss their favorite people when they are unavailable.

Who are these PGA Pet Pals anyway?

Loving care when you can't be there

I have been taking care my family and friends pets since I was a teenager and then decided to make it a full time job. I was always the person they would contact to watch their fuzzy family members if they were away for a few hours or few nights. I had thought about becoming a vet but was not sure I could handle the emotional roller coaster that would be involved. Pet sitting lets me make your pet's time away from you as fun and as easy on them as possible.